Independence and rigour that provides confidence and transparency for our auditees and society.

We offer a distinctive, human-centric approach that goes beyond compliance, with an integrated structure that allows us to work seamlessly as one team. We serve regional, national and international companies of all sizes and structures by combining the right people with the right skills for every engagement, leveraging our collective knowledge and using consistent tools and methodologies. 

Through our assurance and consulting work, we deliver insight and promote transparency. We believe in constructive criticism, based on mutual trust and respect, we build confidence in how organisations should report to their stakeholders.

We specialize in

·        Internal auditing,

·        financial audits,

·        private investigations,

·        fraud investigations,

·        risk management and

·        tax returns.

We also offer business tutorials and facilitation courses. Tailored technical training for your organisational needs. We are dedicated to providing maximum value to our auditees and offer a range of training services designed around specific business needs. These include accounting and audit regulatory training. Our training teams prepare and deliver industry-leading courses for your organisation, tailored and optimised to specific audiences, your company’s business processes, and your internal culture.

Courses can either be designed as a standalone training or as part of a learning journey, combining different learning formats. We leverage on technology, our professional trainers’ experience and subject matter experts to deliver targeted and relevant training outcomes that ensure maximum engagement.

Our approach

Our company believes people are at the centre of successful business change. As such, we combine our technical expertise, agility and the latest technology with a deep understanding of your needs, context and culture to co-create answers that drive the results you are looking for.

Our expert consultants can work as one, integrated, international team across geographies and sectors. Combining our global expertise with deep local understanding, we can support you successfully from strategic planning to implementation in every market you operate in.

We offer a broad range of management, risk, technology and digital consulting services from change management and post-merger integration to internal audit and enterprise solution design. For example, our risk consultants can help design and implement processes to demonstrate sustained compliance with new business regulations, while our technology and management consultants can deploy cutting-edge process automation tools to redesign critical business processes and enhance efficiency.

Whatever your challenge, our team will work hand-in-hand with you to find the answer that best fits your organisation. By aligning your people and organisation behind the right processes and technology, we improve performance, reduce risk, and ultimately give you greater confidence in the performance of your business.

We recognise that successful businesses embrace the opportunities that digital technology such as data analytics, automation and machine learning present. Amplify your business with innovative solutions and our consulting expertise. By harnessing your company’s organisational strengths, you can achieve outstanding results for your business. Our specialists are here to help with everything from performance management to continuity planning to capital optimisation.


Kemi Mathatho


Kemi Mathatho is the founder and CEO of SQRAudits.
Mathatho is a seasoned audit professional who has over nine years of experience in managing and increasing project growth in the audit industry. She is an internal audit technician and certified fraud examiner, has worked as an Internal Audit & Risk Specialist for various audit firms for over a decade and has been honoured with the 2021 Compliance Officer of the Year Award Nomination, Compliance Institute of Southern Africa (CISA), as well as the 2022 Transformation Manager of the Year Award, Black Management Forum (BMF). She oversees executive leadership, company training and public relations. She Mathatho also promotes change in company culture to be more open, transparent and accountable. Mathatho holds a Unisa honours degree in internal auditing, is a Wits Executive Development Programme scholar, and holds an MBA from the Tshwane University of Technology Business School. As a CEO of SQR Audits, she has been successful in expanding SQR company revenue (110% in two years). Her skills include management and leadership, as well as business development and strategy.


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